Ritual Service Set

Classic Turkish coffee cups, service tray and glass set.

Kanlica Gift Set

Turkish coffee (125g Traditional and 125g Orange ), Gold chocolate almonds (250g) and Citrus praline (150g)

Asiyan Gift Set

Turkish coffee (125g Rose and 125g Traditional), rose chocolate almonds 250g, Rose Turkish delight 250g.

Topkapı Gift Box

Sesame covered Turkish delights (325 gr), dark chocolate almonds (250 gr), Turkish coffee (125 gr Traditional), Turkish coffee (125 gr Rose)

Galata Gift Box

Cinnamon covered pistachio Turkish delights (325 gr), gold chocolate almonds (250 gr), Turkish coffee (125 gr Traditonal), Turkish coffee (125 gr Cardamon)

Turkish Coffee, Delight, Silver and Cup Set

Turkish coffee (125g Rose), Rose Delight (250g), Rib Round Box S and two Classic Black Turkish coffee cups set
Out Of Stock

Bebek Hediye Seti

Mix delicacy (170g), Mix Turkish Delight (250g), Turkish Coffee (3x125g), (Traditional, Mastic, Chocolate)

Pierre Loti Gift Set

Citrus Praline (150g), Citrus Turkish Delight (250g), Turkish Coffee (3x125g), (Orange, Dark Roast ve Rose)

Üsküdar Gift Set

Turkish Coffee Sachets 24 x 2 (Chocolate, Traditional), Mix Delicacy (300g), Karışık Lokum (220g)

Çengelköy Gift Set

Ege Turkish Coffee Cups Set of 2 Turquoise and Red, Turkish Coffee Praline (150g), Cinnamon Covered Pistachio Turkish Delight (325g)

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